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Forest Farming Workshops

Date: March 31st - April 1st

Location: Carver Farm, Jefferson City, MO

Trainee Registration*

In-person workshop is eligible for SAF CFE credits!

Priority Registration Deadline: March 15th

General Audience Registration*:

*Please note: trainee registration is for the in-person workshop and is for natural resource professionals only. General registration will allow interested persons to live-stream the workshop sessions


These workshops will provide natural resource professionals with a foundational knowledge of forest farming practices. This information will assist natural resource staff in supporting the growing interest farmers have in woodland conservation and forest farming production. The forest farming workshop series includes a comprehensive set of educational talks on site establishment, plant care, and marketing, forest farm tours, and hands-on design activities. Participants will also have a chance to practice mushroom log inoculation and speak with the top experts in forest farming and forest conservation.


Image: Forest farm nursery beds at Lincoln University Busby Farm

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