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Lab News & Updates

Chestnuts and Winter Wheat - Stouffer Farm - July 2013 #1.JPG
Lincoln University research plot to showcase productive alley cropping system

A Lincoln University research plot will showcase a highly productive alley cropping system with the goal of aiding small Missouri farmers.

Agroforestry researcher Sougata Bardhan will plant rows of high-yielding Chinese chestnut trees in a demonstration plot at George Washington Carver Farm, and plant hazelnut, currants, gooseberry, roselle and other berry crops in the spaces in between. Honeybee hives will also be integrated into the plot.

The university will use the demonstration plot to display next-generation conservation efforts to Missouri farmers and to develop market-based solutions to resource challenges, according to a news release. The alley cropping method improves soil health and quality, and water quality while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

NASA grants Lincoln University $1.5 Million for Minority Research and Education Project

Lincoln University will receive $1.5 million, and partner with the University of Missouri, Harvard University, and Tennessee State University on some unique resource projects. The Minority University Research and Education Project or MUREP, provides financial assistance for universities to recruit and move minority students into STEM fields at HBCUs across the country. Lincoln University will get $1.5 million over three years to train graduate and undergraduate students in data science use for natural resources — with projects related to soil science, wildfire, and climate change.

Lab Awarded NR-SARE Professional Development Grant 

July 25th, 2022


The researchers in the Forestry and Natural Resource Management Laboratory were awarded funds through the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Professional Development Grant Program. This project will support a services of workshops for Natural Resource Professionals to improve their knowledge of forest farming practices to support conservation and specialty crop production. 

Proposed activities include hands-on workshops for mushroom cultivation and native forest herb cultivation, site visits, presentations from experienced forest farmers, and dialogue around forest conservation. An evolution of the workshop model for information diffusion will provide insights into how to support a growing network of growers and natural resource professionals with agroforestry knowledge. 

Lincoln University to Host NASA Summer Camp

June 9th, 2022

The Forest Resource Management Program is excited to announce we are a part of this NASA-funded initiative to support minority, underserved, and underprivileged students gain experiences in the STEM field while making connections with Lincoln and University of Missouri faculty and staff. 

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