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Highlighted Publications

Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Kronenberg, R., Lovell, S., Thapa, B., Spinka, C., Valdivia, C., Gold, M., and Bardhan, S. (2023). Survey of Missouri Landowners to Explore the Potential of Woody Perennials to Integrate Conservation and Production. Land, 12, 1911.

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  29. Bardhan, S., Watson, M., Dick, W.A. (2008). Plant Growth Response in Experimental Soilless Mixes Prepared from Coal Combustion Products and Organic Waste Materials. Soil Science. 173: 491 –500.


Book Chapters

  1. Umakanth, A.V., Bardhan, S., Suresh Reddy, B., Ahuja. M., 2021. Biomass Feedstocks for Advanced Biofuels: Sustainability and Supply Chain Management, In Advanced Biofuel Technologies – Present Status, Challenges, and Future Prospects; Elsevier Publishing (In Review).

  2. Didenko, N., Konovalova, V., Razzaghi, S., Bandaogo, A., Bardhan, S. and Sundermeier. A. 2021. Cover Crops for Pests and Soil-borne Disease Control and Insect Diversity In Cover Crops and Sustainable Agriculture, Eds. Rafiq Islam and Bradford Sherman, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

  3. Bardhan, S., Jose, S., Godsey, L. 2014. Cellulosic Biofuel in the United States: Targets, Achievements, Bottlenecks and Case Study of Three Advanced Biofuel Facility, Biomass and biofuels: Advanced Biorefineries for Sustainable Production and Distribution, Eds. Jose, and Bhaskar.

  4. Jose, S., Singh, H.P., Batish, D.R., Kohli, R.K., Bardhan, S. 2013. Invasive Plant Ecology: The Horse Behind the Cart? In: Invasive Plant Ecology, Eds. Jose, Singh, Batish, and Kohli, CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

Other Publications

Bardhan, S. 2018. Where do agricultural greenhouse gases come from, and what can be done to reduce them? ACS Series. 

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