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Green Forest

College of Agriculture, Environmental, and Human Sciences at Lincoln University

 Forestry & Natural  Resource Management Program

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

― Chinese proverb


About Us

The Forest Resource Management Laboratory at Lincoln University conducts research and evaluates forest farming and forest management practices in Missouri and the broader midwestern forested landscapes. Our objective is to provide information on how to best manage forests to provide income for small farms. 

Research Projects

Chestnuts and Winter Wheat - Stouffer Farm - July 2013 #1.JPG
Black Soil

Forest Farming

We are exploring how different forest management practices can support a variety of forest plants for small scale production

Alley Cropping Trials

In partnership for developing climate smart commodities, we are monitoring the carbon sequestration and production potential of novel alley cropping systems

Organic Agriculture
& Soil Health 

We have several projects to quantify the connections between soil health and plant productivity in organic agriculture systems

Outreach Projects

In addition to research, our lab collaborates with universities, private companies, government organizations, and nonprofits in a variety of outreach projects to improve agriculture sustainability and profitability. 


We engage in a variety of outreach and educational activities for agroforestry, forest management, and forest farming.


Mushroom Workshops

Learn how to inoculate your own mushroom logs and produce quality mushrooms in your woods. 

Man in Farm

Farm Visits

We are happy to visit your farm and help brainstorm ways to integrate agroforestry into your operation.

Paper Fold

Technical Guides

We have a variety of informational and educational materials. More to come!

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Thank you for your interest in our work!


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